Posting a ton of Japanese food was not a smart idea. I’m so hungry 0 o 0

Kaisen Donburi (seafood rice bowl) by rangaku1976 on Flickr.
Karē raisu with ebi furai (Curry rice with fried shrimp) by rangaku1976 on Flickr.
自由軒のカレー by neutaou on Flickr.
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2014.04.24-1 by babykins. on Flickr.
Kobe- 神戸牛 by JOLEYE on Flickr.
IMG_0200 by ahstahh on Flickr.
極冷やし味噌やさい by Mew on Flickr.
SDIM0125 by kaginari on Flickr.
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Seaweed Soba by phillipwangusa on Flickr.
Opaque  by  andbamnan